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About Us

Studio Profile

Nathan Major – Principal
Nathan has been dancing since 1996 and turned professional in 2002. Nathan is a qualified instructor (Licentiate - Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll Dancesport Council) in a variety of styles, including lift-work. Nathan competed successfully at State and National level competition and now regularly adjudicates at National events. However, he is most proud of the competition efforts and achievements of the students he has helped coach. Nathan looks forward to many further years of dancing with past, present, and future students of every description. 

Nathan is committed to the future of Swing, Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Blues and continues to develop his skills, qualifications, and passion so that he may continue to promote and inspire better dancing, helping more dancers Take the Next Step.

Australian Rock 'n' Roll Dance Council - Qualified Instructor - Licentiate Freestyle)

Judge: Melbourne Grande National Dance Championship (2004

Judge: QLD Rock 'n' Roll & Swing Dance Championships (2005-2009)

Judge: NSW Rock ‘n’ Roll & Swing Dance Championships (2008-2014)

Judge: SA Rock ‘n Roll & Swing Dance Championships (2012-2013

Judge: Cooly Rocks On! Swing, RnR, &/Rockabilly Dance Championships (2014

Chairman of Adjudicators: NSW Rock ‘n Roll & Swing Dance Championships 2011

Multiple State & City of Perth Champion (1999-2001) - Rock 'n' Roll, Jive, Lindy-Hop, Continental Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly

Crown Casino International Dance Championships (2000) - 1st Place: Jive, Continental Rock 'n' Roll, Lindy-Hop

Helen Major, Pat Thomson – Professionals
Helen and Pat are qualified instructors in Rock ‘n’ Roll (Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll Dancesport Council) that have trained with the studio. As time and capacity allows, you will see them both helping out and participating in the lessons.

Helen has been dancing for over 15 years and is a degree-qualified adult educator. She sees dance as the ultimate lifelong learning experience with a never-ending repertoire of skills to be learned and put into practice. Consequently, she gets great joy out of both her own learning and that of others.

Pat is a Latin Ballroom Fellows (highly qualified instructor) who has supported the competitive side of Swing and Rock 'n' Roll in Australia for many years. Over the last few years she has been working with Nathan to progress through her Rock 'n' Roll qualifications. Meanwhile, she keeps Nathan on his toes with (at least some of!) his former Ballroom training.

Our Goals

Cool Cats Rock ‘n’ Roll is dedicated to helping dancers of all proficiency levels Take the Next Step in their dance journey - and understand that this will be something different for every dancer. Whether it is achieving confidence in the first figures learned, having more fun on the dance floor, or serious examination of dance mechanisms and technique, we want to help people achieve the most out of their dancing!

We aim to keep 'retro' dance styles vibrant. We  push ourselves to provide the very best for every dancer and to give back the most we can into the greater community. We believe in ongoing training, development, and evaluation for teachers and assistants to improve their skills, knowledge, and qualifications. This involves consideration to both dance and non-dance aspects of teaching so that students will continue to receive the best from their instructors.


Cool Cats is committed to the long term development and promotion of 'retro' (Rockabilly, Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues) dance styles. We teach in a manner that facilitates social activity and interaction, while imparting the necessary skills and knowledge for good dancing. Importantly, we maintain a distinction between related dance styles so that each may be separately appreciated and remain true to form.

Cool Cats actively participates in the broader community, by involvement in associated events and festivals, support of regional dance clubs and events, and through judging and promotion of dance competitions across Australia. In this regard, we support and aspire to the aims of the ARRDC.


Cool Cats is determined to provide quality dance instruction to the largest number of people possible. Consequently, while it would be much simpler to base our classes in one venue or area, we aim to be accessible to as many people as possible. This includes providing regional workshops, support for other Rock 'n' Roll clubs and teachers. We are also working hard to provide detailed lesson notes, course routines, and videos so that students may readily access relevant information and guidance for the dancing they've explored in class. From Geraldton to Albany (or beyond), students are always welcome to talk with us about their dancing.

Unfortunately we do not have the time and resources to be everywhere, so if you can't find a Cool Cats workshop or lesson close enough to you, please feel free to contact us regarding the options in your area.

Cool Cats offers a variety of Lesson Formats 
to ensure that students of all skill levels and experience may continue to develop as dancers. For some this may include training for demonstration and competition, others may pursue a greater understanding and refinement of dance technique, while others may find it rewarding to engage with new dancers as a class assistant or, ultimately, in a teaching role. We want you to get the most out of your dancing!

Class Assistants

Our cadre of friendly faces...
At Cool Cats we provide the opportunity for more experienced students to assist in class. For some this may represent a training pathway to ultimately become teachers themselves, while for others it's a just way of helping out. Cool Cats understand that every dancer started as a beginner once! Some of our class assistants that have helped over the years are featured below - thanks guys!

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