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Quick Guide

We offer a variety of lesson formats in different styles of dance. To help you decide which lessons are the best fit for you, we have prepared a quick guide. Different lesson formats are offered to facilitate dance progression for students at all levels:

Social Lessons - These lessons cover the f
undamentals in the dance style from different aspects, then progress to further content. The lessons are (typically) rotational and do not require a partner.

Structured Courses - 
Designed for beginners and intermediate dancers, providing an development to more advanced figures, skills, and concepts. A partner is typically required.

Courses & Workshops - Intended for more experienced dancers that wish to develop core aspects of their dancing (e.g. leading/following), develop advanced dance elements (e.g. aerials, triples), or generally expand their knowledge and skills (e.g. timing and technique, footwork).

Open Classes / Private Lessons - For students of all levels of skill and/or experience. We teach according to the needs and abilities of each student, providing direct feedback to queries and identifying key elements for correction or further development.

Performance & Training - As events arise, students (of all levels of skill or experience) may be interested in participating in competitions or public performance. Our "Next Steps" training session is available to those dedicated dancers who wish skill up for such events - or who just want to push themselves and be part of a team!

Partner Requirements

Firstly, and most importantly, Cool Cats welcomes all dancers - partnered or otherwise. However, dancing is a partnership activity and we believe that the best results for students are achieved when they have a regular partner to practice with. Consequently, we will always recommend that you aim to attend lessons with a partner if possible. Notwithstanding, we also understand that finding a dance partner can be difficult and provide social lessons suited to unpartnered dancers. Experienced students may also serve as class assistants, working with unpartnered dancers to practice and offer personal experience and insight.

Class Assistants

The number of assistants in each class will vary according to their dance interests and availability. Excepting rare circumstances there is always at least one assistant or supporting instructor for every lesson. Assistants and instructors may often participate as either lead or follow to accommodate unpartnered dancers.

Open Class - Partner required, unless by prior arrangement. Assistants (as available) may work with individuals, partnerships, or small groups working through the same content. In small groups the class assistant(s) may swap between unpartnered students as appropriate.

Structured Courses* / Short Courses - Assistants help demonstrate the course content and circulate through the class during each subsequent practice period. Both the instructor and class assistant(s) will provide feedback to students as the class progresses. Class assistants may also participate as an additional lead/follow.

Workshops - The role of class assistants will vary according to the event and format of the workshop. Experienced students may serve as additional lead/follow(s), sources of practical advice, or assist with content demonstration.

Contact Details

Nathan Major - Principal; Sunshine Coast QLD 
MOB (Sarah): 0402 592 253

Helen Mason - Perth WA

MOB: 0411 049 813

Promotional & Marketing Enquiries

Email or SMS preferred. Please note that, due to work commitments, phone calls will rarely be answered immediately. Provided we have your details, we will  aim to return your call  within 24 hours.

Structured Teaching

The different lesson formats and courses offered by Cool Cats are designed to be complimentary, promoting a systematic method for sustained and directed dance development. By using a tiered instruction approach in our Social Lessons and Structured Courses to examine the key elements of dancing (body mechanics, pressure, timing & harmony), then reinforcing these fundamentals with dancer specific teaching and advanced training in open classes, short courses, and private lessons, each student may progress at their pace, according to their interests and abilities, to attain and refine the dance skills they desire.

 What is Tiered Instruction?

‘Tiered’ instruction works on the principle of self-paced learning. Dancers may progress as far as they are comfortable through each class and learn at their own pace. New dancers are must first achieve competency with the basic training provided by Tier 1, before being introduced to progressive dance skills and concepts. Experienced dancers are always free to work on consolidating their existing skills, but are also challenged to develop with advanced content.

There are several advantages to tiered instruction:


Dancers are not under pressure to “keep up” with the lessons, but are encouraged to work only on the components of each lesson that they are comfortable with.

Each tier builds upon the tier before in a logical manner, highlighting how simple dance moves and principles are developed into more advanced dancing. In each course the Tier 1 content remains unchanged so that the basics are always being reinforced. In addition, the FREE intro lessons provide a further way in which students can consolidate their basic skills and figures in a dance style.

Extensive variety is provided in the Tier 2 content, which differs in each course. However, as the Tier 2 content progresses systematically from the Tier 1 training it is not necessary to have completed all Tier 1 courses (though this will help considerably and may be recommended for dancers that struggle).

Tier 3+ content, which is primarily delivered through private lessons or in general classes, provides students with an appreciation of the further avenues for development within a dance style. Each student may then direct their continued dance education in a manner suited to their strengths/weaknesses and interests.

Those students not participating in Cool Cats courses are welcome to follow the tiered instruction approach in general classes or private lessons. Students are also encouraged to use these lessons to explore elements of any structured course content that they would like to practice, refine, or examine in greater detail.

 Course/Lesson Progression

Both social lessons and our structured courses are presented in a series that focuses on the core elements of dancing: body mechanics, pressure, and timing and harmony.

Body Mechanics - Angles and positioning through your body and that of your partner that will allow (or prevent) figures to be performed well.

Pressure - The connection between you and partner, you and the floor, and you and yourself. Why you want it, how to get it, & how to use it.

Timing and Harmony - Synchronisation with the music and with your partner.

While all aspects are considered as applicable in each course, the emphasis provided by the course structure allows specific skills to be examined in greater detail in conjunction with dance content that reinforces and integrates these skills with ongoing dance development. Completion of all three courses thus empowers students with a well-rounded background of method, movement, interpretation, and presentation for critical self-appraisal, dance refinement, and informed determination of goals for further training.

Beginner students may comfortably commence lessons in any course focus - each part is as important as the others when you're getting started :) Experienced dancers may wish to select courses according to the focus element, particularly if they wish to review specific skills or concepts they may not have mastered to their satisfaction previously. As the progressive content is different for each course, students will continue to learn new dance figures while completing the full suite of courses. Most new students will also benefit from repeating their first, and possibly second, course to re-examine content with the benefit of greater skills, knowledge, and overall dance confidence.

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