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Community & Youth


Dancing is about people. Partners, friends, family, and team-mates gel to form a distinct dance community, not just within Perth, but across the country and much of the world. For many people this community provides a welcoming and supportive network of peers, mentors, and friends that makes life a lot more enjoyable and interesting. Unfortunately, many people do not even know that such a thing as Blues, Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, or Rockabilly even exists - let alone how much fun it can be! Cool Cats is attempting to change this situation by creating wider community awareness and also by freely providing a variety of services and programs to two key groups we believe can benefit most from dancing: youth (approx. 12-25yo) and those combating depression.

Our goal is that Cool Cats will introduce people to a fun, energetic, and healthy activity that can improve relationships, self-confidence, social engagement, and (from our experience) life in general.

Rock 'n' Roll & Youth

Dancing provides a number of great opportunities for younger people to engage with each other and the general community.

'Retro' dancing introduces a variety of '30s to '60s musical, dance, and fashion styles and provides a forum for interaction with preceding generations. Association with friends and mentors on a regular basis (in class and at social events) provides social inclusion in conjunction with positive role models and behaviour.

For the more competitive or performance driven, there are a variety of national events to train for across a wide range of skill levels. Dancers also have the chance to develop leadership and interpersonal skills as part of a dance partnership or performance/competition team.

Rock 'n' Roll & Happiness

A picture is worth a thousand words. Dancing is fun! Anecdotally, students often report a much more positive outlook on life after discovering dancing and, with it, friends and an exciting, healthy lifestyle. Clearly, dancing doesn't directly solve any of life's problems (except possibly fitness), but it can provide both respite and support while making changes.

While we place a strong emphasis on the teaching, at Cool Cats we also want everybody to have fun. This includes a relaxed and fun class atmosphere, but also regular social outings to dances and other 'non-dance' events such as BBQs and the movies.

Free Lessons 

Dancing is a great sport and social activity that a lot of people are missing out on! Cool Cats aims to support the community, particularly youth and mental health programs, by offering FREE lessons. To promote dance development and encourage further community awareness of Retro Dance we also offer FREE lessons to youth/student dance or theatre groups.        

Under 16s: Provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (who does not need to participate if there is an other student happy to dance with the U16 participant), those under the age of 16 may join certain lessons FREE. Rules of conduct and style/progession restrictions apply, so please contact us for more details (

Youth/Student Groups
: If you represent a youth/student organisation, particularly if you are involved with dance or theatre, please contact us about working together to provide introductory courses and/or workshops for your members. Alternatively, if you are a member of such a group, provide proof of your current membership for a FREE introductory course.

Mental Health OrganisationsWorkshops and demonstrations for are typically FREE, subject to instructor and venue availability. Discounted rates are available for other not-for-profit groups.

Demonstration & Performance

Talk to us about securing a dance demonstration or workshop for your next event or function. Community and charity events are free for most performance requirements, subject to dancer availability.

Partnership & Participation

While so many community organisations are worthy of support, Cool Cats partnership programs are targeted at anti-depression initiatives and youth promotion. These are the areas in which we believe that dancing, whether as a sport or social activity, can provide the greatest assistance. A variety of options are available, providing immediate and ongoing support for both individuals and organisations.

If you represent a community organisation focussed upon providing services for youth or promoting mental health and would like to explore how Cool Cats partnership programs may be tailored to suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may not always be in a position to meet your specific desires (e.g. availability for workshops or performance at an event), but we are eager to help if we can.

Nathan Major - Studio Principal

Helping Hands

If you are looking for more information on youth or anti-depression issues - or seeking support services - please head to the following websites: 

Educational Programs

We believe that dancing is a physically and mentally rewarding sport for youth. Dancing provides valuable social skills and integrates various disciplines such as physical movement, musical appreciation and public performance.

Cool Cats has developed a selection of courses suitable for both inexperienced students and those with previous training in dance or human movement. Each lesson covers fundamental skills and figure requirements, progressing to consider more advanced concepts, methods, performance and figure variants. If you would like to find out how we could help you implement one of these programs for your school or institution, please contact us.

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