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VRRDA State Championships


Cooly Rocks On Dance Competition









Adelaide Rock 'n' Roll Festival (Adelaide, SA)


Competition Dancing

Friendly Competition
Whether graded or social, local or national, competitors in the Rock 'n' Roll and Swing community respect and value their peers on the dance floor. As a competitor you join that group of dancers who strive to 'raise the bar'. In addition, most competitions are regulated and monitored to ensure civil behaviour should disagreements arise. There is nothing to fear about competition and everything to gain!

Graded vs. Social Competition
Some people like to compete for a bit of fun and to show what they can do. For others competition is about skills development, precision, and performance. This is what graded competitions tend to focus on. However, there is also the advantage that competitors need only dance against others at their own level. Often people are put off competing socially as more experienced dancers dominate the events offered. Graded competition, while sometimes having more rules and structure than a social event, is therefore a great format for dancers to participate on a more even basis.

Local & National Competition
Unfortunately, the support for competition events in WA has been sporadic in recent years. There has also been a noticeable decline in National events and competitor numbers. However, Cool Cats and other like minded dance studios across Australia and New Zealand are determined to keep our fabulous sport strong into the future. Consequently, there are a number of club/studio based competitions/events and registered/graded competitions for keen dancers to get involved with. For those prepared to travel, there is almost certainly a competition available that will suit you!

We have tried to pull together a comprehensive list of available competitions to help you find the right event for you!

Dance Associations 

Sports associations are integral to the long term support and development of dancing. They serve to promote the social and physical benefits of dancing to the general public, inspiring new people to become involved. Sports associations and their volunteers also organise the competitions that encourage new content and higher standards of dance - which all feeds back in one way or another into the social dance scene.

The real question is, if you've found something great in dancing, why would you not join an association to help others do the same?


Australian Rock 'n' Roll Dance Council (ARRDC)

ARRDC is the recognised sporting body for Rock 'n' Roll in Australia. The repertoire of dances under the Rock 'n' Roll umbrella has developed into many distinctive styles. The ARRDC is committed to further develop these styles by running competitions Australia-wide and having standard rules apply for all competitors.

DanceSport AustraliaDance Masters International Association (DMIA)

Competitive ballroom dancing. Dancesport and DMIA occasionally include Rock 'n' Roll and/or "Swing Jive" events in their competitions.


Cool Cats

Cool Cats is working to further 'retro' dancing as a sport in Western Australia. This includes our judging activities at other events about Australia and club competitions as interest dictates
. As our course content becomes established we also aim to offer assessments for those dancers interested in improving their dancing based on formal feedback.

Perth Swing Dance Society

PSDS does a fantastic job of promoting Swing in Perth and to the rest of Australia. The annual 'Hullabaloo" Lindy Exchange typically includes a range of social competitive events, while during the year there are frequent performance opportunities. A great choice if you love your swing!
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