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Blues /Swing /Rock 'n' Roll /Rockabilly /Aerials      


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Free Lessons?!

On-Line Lessons

Rockabilly >

Rockabilly works differently to most other dance styles, requiring quite different actions and emphasis from the lead and the follow. The free class introduces the basic footwork and actions for each party. As the focus is separate for lead/follow no partner is required to learn, though you will benefit greatly from trying to work through the lesson with somebody else.

4Beat Blues >

4Beat Blues is a fun and versatile dance style that is easy to learn, but also provides the foundation for dancers to progress into other styles such as Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, and Rockabilly.

Perfect for anybody new to dancing! 

This lessons works through the basics using a linear action (Swing), though a circular motion to the dance is also used (Rock 'n' Roll, Country) and may be mixed with Blues footwork patterns.

Taster Lessons

Everything Else!

Cool Cats offers so many dance styles, special variations, fusions, and other opportunities to expand your dancing that it can be hard to get a feel for it all. 

Consequently, we offer Taster Lessons on a regular basis so that you can try things out before taking on a new course.  If you are new to Cool Cats, you can also try one lesson FREE in any available Open Class. However, please note that for Open Classes a partner is required and only the first session (1hr) is free, though a broader variety of styles (e.g. Continental Rock 'n' Roll, Boogie Woogie, Jive, ...) may be explored. 

After the free lesson it's up to you! Courses, general classes, and private lessons are all available to help you Take the Next Step.


is a beautifully refined and elegant dance that can be smooth and sensual -or- fun and energetic as desired. However, it can be a touch tricksome for newer dancers. Our introductory lessons take you through step by step to get the hang of things.


Rock 'n' Roll

Our intro Rock 'n' Roll lesson provides the basis to continue into the Kick-Step Rock 'n' Roll course, using advanced footwork for those interested. We examine various Rock 'n' Roll styles and the background to each, considering the differences in Footwork, Structure, & Rotation.


One of the signature elements of Swing and Rock 'n' Roll dancing is the liftwork: aerials, pops, props, drops, and slides. In these sessions we examine the elements of performing liftwork safely and cover classic figures that will start you on the path to earning your dance wings! 

Come and learn how to do it right, with one of Australia's most qualified (
ARRDC Licenciate - Freestyle) liftwork instructors.

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