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Scenes & Societies

Perth Rockabilly
For all the latest in the Perth Rockabilly scene...

Perth Swing Dance Society
Check out the vibrant Perth swing scene... 


If you want to know where to rock
in Victoria...


Victorian Rock 'n' Roll Dance Association

Rock Central
If you want to know where to rock in NSW or Queensland...

Adelaide Rock 'n' Roll 50's & 60's Club
If you want to know where to rock in Adelaide...

ACT Rock 'n' Roll Club
If you want to know where to rock in Canberra...

Teaching & Sport

Summer Swing Studio

Marcia Summers* – Nathan & Helen’s teacher
*no longer running a website, but keeping this place here in case she starts a new one! 

Feet With Heat

Our friends Jo and Rodney from NZ!

Blue Suede Shoes Dance School

Our friend Anna Ocello with the Rockin' Cats & Kittens in Sydney! 

Sydney Swing Katz
Check out Justin and the Swingin' Kats, also in Sydney!

Batavia Rockers

Join the crew if you're in Geraldton... 

Rat Pack Rock 'n' Roll

If you make your way to Adelaide, drop on in :)

Rockin' Devils Rock 'n' Roll
When in Tazzie... be a little angel and spend some time with the Devils!


Have a chat and a dance with Megan - and brighten up your day :) 

Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Council

National body for competitive Swing. Rockabilly, 

& Rock 'n' Roll dancing

World Rock ‘n’ Roll Confederation

International body for competitive Swing. Rockabilly, & Rock 'n' Roll dancing; strong emphasis on acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll.

World Dance Sport Federation

International body for dance sport

Music & Venues

The Rockabilly Hall of Fame

For those interested in the history of Rockabilly

The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Chuck Berry to Van Halen...

Perth Blues Club

The musical roots of Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, & Rockabilly

The Mustang Bar

Perth's home to great Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, & Rockabilly music and dancing!

Defectors Bar @ The Flying Scotsman
Host to the monthly Record Hop- with DJ Razor Jack!

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