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Prices & Offers

Lesson Prices

Casual Rates
Casual Lesson* - $20

Workshops - $30

* This includes all lessons on the same night. In other words, there is a single price for casual attendance.

Half (3wk) Course - $45
Standard (6wk) Course - $75

General Class (6wks^) Course - $75

^May be split over two 6wk teaching blocks; hence, there is no half course price listed. Splitting of general classes is to accommodate those students with difficult schedules who may not be able to attend class on a weekly basis.

Courses must be paid no later than Week 2.

Member Discounts
Casual Lessons - $5 discount

Workshops - minimum $5 per workshop

Member Discounts
Casual Lessons - $5 discount

Workshops - minimum $5 per workshop

Students > Half Price
That's only $10 per night for all classes, or $7.50 for a single class (i.e. pay the Half Course rate for the full 6 weeks)! This rate applies to all students 16yo+, whether high school, TAFE, university, apprenticeship, or any other recognised form of accredited training.

Under 16s > FREE

Younger dancers mush be accompanied by a parent/guardian. This includes whether children dance with other students or with accompanying adult(s).

Parents/Guardians are responsible for child behaviour and participation in class.

Private Classes

$75/hr (selected venues only)

Upon arrangement, subject to instructor availability.

Corporate Workshops & Performance

$150/hr (typically 1hr minimum) per couple

a $50/hr Fuel surchage may apply for distant locations

Alternate programs are available to youth and community organisations or related events.

Special Offers

All students can always take advantage of our FREE intro lessons. Otherwise, please email us to register your interest in any of the offers below.

Standard Offers

or those who are willing to make a commitment to lessons the Earlybird or All Classes options are for you! Getting in early also helps secure your place for any course where class balance or popularity means that we need to limit course placement.

"Basic 4" Course (6wks) - $45

Basic content for those new to dance, or looking to gain confidence with lead/follow, timing, and co-ordination.

Earlybirds* Half Course (Couple, 3wks) - $75

* Must be paid 3 weeks in advance of the course booking.

 (Couple) - $240

^ Within a standard 6 week teaching block. Lessons are not transferable to others. 

For those who LOVE their dancing you can get all the lessons we teach during the week for one low price per couple. Book in for the full course block with your partner and take advantage of this loyalty reward discount price! 

Membership & Discounts


Membership is awarded to students for achieving full course progression through dance styles and participation/assistance with Cool Cats events and lessons. Course completion is considered to be attendance at 5 of 6 weeks per course. Participation as a CCs Assistant or Promotional member is determined on a case by case basis, according to involvement. 

Discount Rates
Discount rates are provided for community volunteers and organisations. Social groups making a combined booking (>10 people) are also eligible for a discount.

Standard - $5pp. per course

Workshops - $5pp. per workshop

Groups looking for a greater level of discount or alternative arrangements may email their proposal.

Other Dancing?

We can't be everywhere, so if you are looking for lessons closer to you or just general dance opportunities, please check out...

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