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All of the documents linked on this page have been posted on the Cool Cats website at some stage - not all are current or applicable to our existing lesson offerings or teaching structure. However, this information is supplied so that former students may still access the content relevant to their learning experience.

It will also be noted that some links are inactive or have not yet been supplied. These documents are in development or under revision. The development of teaching resources remains an ongoing process, so if you note a document or link that you would like to see brought up to date, please let us know!

Social Lessons
Rock 'n' Roll 1 - Start Any Time
Rockabilly 1 - Start Any Time
Swing 1 - Start Any Time
4 Beat 1 - Start Any Time

Rock 'n' Roll 2 - Progression
Swing 2 - Progression
4 Beat 2 - Progression

CCs General Info
Class Timetable
Lessons Made Simple
CCs Flyer 

Sport & Training 
General Fitness
Aerials Training List
Competition Dos & Don'ts 

Kick-Step R'n'R
4Beat Blues
Swing / Lindy-Hop
GC Mix
Slow-Mid Pace
Mid-Fast Pace 
4Beat Blues & Rockabilly
Swing/Lindy & 4Beat Blues
DJ Daddy Cat
Dirty Boogie
RnR/R'Billy Mix
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