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We are pleased to offer students the full selection of Retro-a-go-go products. Prices will primarily be dictated by the currency conversion and shipping rates. Consequently, minimum order values must be >US$150 (at AU$1.00: >US$0.90) to be worthwhile. This may be either a single personal order, or you may wait to aggregate your order with a bulk purchase.

You pay only $AU on $US pricing! That's including your shipping! All ordered items need to be picked up in class, otherwise a shipping and handling charge (determined according to the size of your purchase) will apply.


Cool Cats Gear

Check out the gear catalog for shirts, jackets, and accessories. Designs for our Standard and Distinctive (Style Specific) corporate wear and lower cost, every-day training gear.

Costs listed are current June 2012, but remain subject to change without notice. Be aware that some supplier product lines have changed slightly since the original preparation of the gear catalog. The closest clothing item to that pictured in the catalog is selected whenever product lines are changed.

We are currently working towards a simplified on-line ordering system for these products. Please be patient as we focus on other teaching projects and goals (like videos!).

Talk to Glenda for any further queries you have with regard to personalising your CCs Gear!

Westcoats Embroidery - Glenda Berry (0409 292 093)

Shop 3/6 Fremantle Rd, Gosnells WA 6110 

Perth Rockabilly CDs

Cool Cats is proud to support our local musicians. Through Perth Rockabilly, we act as direct agents (i.e. there's no mark-up) to get the best home-grown music into your playlist! Putting money into the hands of these artists helps keep our local music and dance scene vibrant, while you get some killer tracks to practice to :) If you enjoy what these guys do for us week-to-week at the Mustang Bar and DeVille's why not show a little love??? CDs are sold in class (or may be requested via email) and are re-stocked periodically. 


Teaching Videos

We are often asked if video content is available for our courses. For those looking for a basic overview of the different dance styles, please check out the Free Lessons section. For those wanting more detail through lesson notes and brief examples, please check out the Lesson Notes & Videos section. Otherwise, resources have been allocated to develop course routine summary videos and, subsequently, multimedia teaching tools. Obviously this is a long term project and we look forward to bringing this content to you as soon as it is available.
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