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The Next Step

Get Involved!

Cool Cats is happy to offer as much as we can for every student who walks through the door. Unfortunately, there is only so much time and so many activities that we can co-ordinate on our own. That's why we like to have as many enthusiastic individuals as possible getting involved to help everybody get more out of lessons and the social scene. So, if you'd like there to be more, why not consider being part of making something happen? There's lots of ways that you can make a difference...

CCs Rock Squad

This is an informal group of dancers who are keen to go out and dance at new venues, demonstrations, and social performance opportunities. The goal is to explore new possibilities to enjoy dancing about Perth, while also spreading the good word to all those people who may not have discovered it yet!

If you'd like to make some friends, have some fun, and find out what is happening - not just in the usual dance scene - then join the Rock Squad!

CCs Members & Assistants

Once students have completed all 3 courses in a given style they are welcome to participate in that course FREE. This is a practical measure on our part to help newer dancers learn with experienced leads and follows. It is also a way to help members practice and refine their skills and knowledge, without the extra $$$ for content you've already covered. For those that take up this opportunity the process may be quite rewarding; as your skills develop you are likely to pick up on technique, tips, and tricks that you missed or weren't ready for. In addition, Members/Assistants pay only $15/wk to attend as many standard lessons (i.e. not including workshops or special events) as they would like!

For the more serious students there may also be opportunity to act as a formal class assistant. Once your basic dance skills are confident, an invitation to be an assistant is often more a matter of attitude than knowledge. We will work with you to increase your skills and confidence in the role. For those with the desire, aptitude, and work ethic this can ultimately progress into a teaching role. If this is something you would be keen on pursuing, please talk to us!

CCs Committee 

For those who would like to have more opportunities for social activities, events, and general participation with other Cool Cats we would really love your help! Organising festivals, dances, or even simple social gatherings takes time and attention. As we focus on the lesson content and general promotion Cool Cats can do some, but there is scope for so much more! That's where you come in - join the Cool Cats Committee and help us organise events such as the Festival, the Monster Mash, and more.

Where to Begin

Whether you're a new or experienced dancer Cool Cats can help you achieve your dancing goals. For those looking to progress beyond the social dance setting we strongly recommend our general classes so that you can Take The Next Step with your dance partner. Our courses and workshops in Basic and Progressive Aerials cater for those who would like to 'Learn to Fly', while our variety of short courses and workshops cover a number of essential dance skills in greater detail. Want to figure out what's right for you? Just have a chat with us!

Skills Development

Many dancers have no desire to compete, publicly perform, or undergo formal assessment, yet still want to push their dancing to a higher standard. This may be for personal satisfaction, greater options on the dance floor, or simply for exercise and discipline. The wonderful thing is that there are so many aspects of dancing, so many skills and actions to work on, that the process of improving your dancing can be what you make of it. Cool Cats will work with you to identify the areas of your dance that you want to pursue and help you achieve those goals.

Higher skills development is primarily achieved through our general classes, workshops, and private lessons. If you have a desire to work on a certain area of your dancing the chances are that we've developed the course content to address it. Unfortunately we can't cover everything in the time available to us during the week! Please check out our selection of Lesson Notes for a better idea of the training available to you.

Performance Dancing

Sports dancing is more than just competition, although that obviously is a key element for many. The area of performance dancing includes demonstration, theatrical and musical productions, formal assessment, and focused dancing for skills development.


Demonstration generally involves low key public events to display the fun, variety, and character of 'retro' dancing. Demonstration is thus something that dancers of all experience and skill levels can be involved with, providing the opportunity to really show-off your dance. Some demonstrations can be more serious, for specific audiences or events, where more training is warranted.

Demonstrations often come out of the blue with little notice, so for anyone interested in display dancing it's best to express an interest early. Otherwise it can be very difficult trying to chase down those dancers who may want to be involved with an event. On average there tends to be at least one demonstration opportunity per month, with more events during holiday periods.


Opportunities for theatrical or musical performance are less common than demonstrations, largely because this requires dedication and commitment on behalf of the dancers involved to regular routine practice and skills development. For those interested in performance Cool Cats can help you refine your routine, presentation, and overall choreography. Unfortunately, due to lack of regular dancers, we do not have a performance troupe at this time.


Assessments may be structured to provide formal (written) or semi-formal (verbal) feedback to dancers to identify key areas that may be improved. Assessments also provide an evaluation of the standard of your dancing, rather than just acknowledgement of completion of content (as provided by membership).

If you are interested in assessment, please ask. With sufficient interest we hope to hold an assessments day/night at least once during the year.


Competitive dance is certainly not for everybody, but it can be highly rewarding for those with the right attitude and goals. Many people also appreciate the community of engaged and enthusiastic dancers that participate in competition. 

Cool Cats strongly supports the Competition dance scene and believes that competitive dancers should be encouraged and recognised for their efforts.

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