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Blues /Swing /Rock 'n' Roll /Rockabilly /Aerials      


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Times & Locations

What's On!

New lessons, workshops, and other events are published or shared on Facebook  ( &, Updates will be posted as required. 

Remember that lessons typically do not run on long weekends! Ask or listen up in class for any special lessons or workshops that may be running Alternatively you may wish to follow us on Twitter...

Course dates remain subject to change without notice. However, we will aim to notify all students in class or via Facebook as soon as possible.

Venue Locations & Styles
Page under construction!

Sunshine Coast

Please contact Sarah (0402 592 253) for your lesson options.
For more details, please check our events schedule and updates on Facebook

Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre

Woombye School of Arts - Lower Hall


Belmont RSL Hall
Please contact Helen Mason (0411 049 813) for your lesson options.

For more details, please check our events schedule and updates on Facebook

What, When, Where...

The following table provides a summary of class locations and formats. Partner requirements are presented according to the general suitability of each lesson type. As a partnership activity, it is always considered preferable to have a consistent partner while learning to dance.

Day Venue Time Style Partner?

White Star Hotel 


The FREE Intro Sessions!
> Blues/Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly
3 x 30min rotational lessons & dancing...
Rockabilly Improvers
Builds on the Rockabilly Intro
No Partner: Rotation

Partner Preferable 
- Optional Rotation*


CWA Hall 


Rockabilly T1+
> Essentials plus a little more... 

Swing Beginners/Improvers
Swing Intermediate
Blues, Dips, & Drops 
Optional Rotation*

No Partner: Rotation

No Partner: Rotation
Partner Preferable

Lockyer Uniting Church

General Class^
Training: Musicality, Harmony,& Aerials
Dance quality in preference to content -
Only $5 for those actively preparing for
competition or performance.

Partner Required 
Partner Required
or Team/Group 

* Upon arrangement, provided class assistant numbers are sufficient or small working groups may be formed.
^General classes allow dancers to work on the style(s) they like, at their pace, to specific areas of focus. This approach works best with a partner. However, students may work on their own or available class assistants if they wish. There is no class rotation.

No Partner (Rotation)
These are the best lessons to attend for new dancers and those dancers without a regular partner. While it remains preferable to work with a partner (e.g. in General Class or Private Lesson) to allow focus on specific skills, figures, and concepts, we realise this is not possible for everyone!

Optional Rotation In these courses the bulk of the class will NOT rotate and change partners. However, those dancers who wish to rotate/swap with other students while learning may do so with additional input provided by available class assistants. 

Preferable - Our courses are designed to develop from the basics, with all class participants introduced to the same figures and dance concepts. Unpartnered dancers may thus be able to work with class assistants or other unpartnered dancers upon arrangement/registration. There is class rotation, though emphasis is placed on people being able to work with their starting dance partner.

Required A dedicated partner is typically required for appropriate training in more advanced dance elements such as Aerials, Triples, Advanced Kick-Step, & Double-Speed Rockabilly.

Course Dependent - Some courses such as Aerials clearly require a dedicated partner, other courses such as Triples may be suitable for mix 'n' match, while some courses such as Timing and Technique may be suitable for individuals.

Check here for more information on Lesson Formats

When You Arrive

If you have already paid for your lessons (via voucher or email booking), please identify yourself with proof of payment so that we can register your attendance. It is best to turn up for lesson registration 5-10 minutes early, particularly on the first week of a course. 

If you are paying for lessons on the day of the class, please do so either slightly before or after class. As we cover a lot of content, lessons commence promptly and we do not interrupt the teaching to take payment. Should you arrive late, simply join the class and register/pay afterwards. 

Occasionally our courses will reach venue capacity. In such instances, though we will try to accommodate everybody, you may not be able to participate if you have not pre-booked and paid for the lesson. For casual attendees, preference is given to early arrivals, partnered couples, and lead/follows as assisting class balance.

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