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Cool Cats Rock 'n' Roll is a fun and flexible dance studio that provides structured and professional dance instruction for a broad variety of 1930s to 1960's retro dance styles.

Start with the basics in Rock 'n' Roll, 4Beat Blues, Swing, or Rockabilly and move on to Advanced Styles, Triples, and Aerials!

Join the Cool Cats...
We want to help all dancers, whether new or experienced to Take the Next Step. That means we offer a range of different lessons. For more detailed information, head to the Classes and Lesson Formats pages. 

What's On

Check out the latest events and activity for Cool Cats on Facebook (WA) / Facebook (QLD) or Twitter:

For rockabilly lovers:

Free Lessons !?!

Sunshine Coast @
Dance Obsession
(3 Technology Drive, Warana)
5th Week of Each Course

+Check out our
Intro Lesson videos and course notes

More info???


Our 6wk courses take you through the fundamental skills and figures of a dance style, with progression in each lesson to more advanced content. 

Sunshine Coast (QLD)
Nathan: 0415 481 938

Dance Obsession - Sunday
Open Class (Partner Reqd) @ 2pm
Swing & Lindy T1/T2  @ 3pm 
Rockabilly T1/T2  @ 4pm 

YMCA Caloundra - Monday 
Swing & Lindy (Sport) @ 3:30pm
Rock 'n' Roll (Sport)  @ 4:30pm 
Aerials Training (Sport)  @ 5:30pm 

YMCA Caloundra - Wednesday
Basic 4Beat (Social) @ 3:30pm 
Rockabilly (Social)  @ 4:30pm

# YMCA classes strictly through their booking system, as per their pricing. Social & Aerials lessons open to all ages. 

Perth (WA)
Helen: 0411 049 813

Belmont RSL - Wednesday
Open Class @ 7:30 to 9:30pm
- Call to discuss lesson and partner requirements.

Hilton Park BC - Thursday
Rock 'n' Roll T1/T2 @ 7:30pm
- Call to discuss lesson and partner requirements.


Casual Lesson         $15
2+ Lessons*          $25         Course             $60/6wk
Private Lesson $75   
Students" Half Price
* All lessons available on the same day, course/lesson requirements permitting.
"When attending with a dance partner or participating adult.


For more detailed information, please review the Classes and Dance Styles sections.
For course dates and other events, please head to our Facebook (WA) or Facebook (QLD) page.

Venues & Styles
QLD: Sunshine Coast > please SMS Nathan Major (0415 481 938) or  email
WA: Perth > 
please contact Helen Mason (0411 049 813)

Check out the times and locations or please 
email us for more information.

Breaking News 

Hello Sunshine Coast!
It's been a big move from WA to QLD for me (Nathan), but the warm welcome from the dance community has been most appreciated. It's been great to meet those dancers keen to Take the Next Step, wherever they are on their dance journey, and get involved with the Caloundra YMCA to encourage more youth into the sport :) As above, this means that there are now two Facebook pages - so please check out the location nearest you for the latest events and info!

Otherwise, please be patient with us as we update the website!


After getting classes finally up and running on the Sunshine Coast, we can start getting the other bits and pieces sorted out! That means a new print of DVDs is planned, so put your order in now... Each DVD is $15 for an hour or more of teaching content, all supported by our on-line notes and routines. Buy all 3 available courses for only $40. Shipping within Australia +$10.

Check out the Lesson Notes & Videos page, or head to our YouTube Channel, to take a look at the course routines and other video content!

Please email us for more information.

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