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Cool Cats Rock 'n' Roll is a fun and flexible dance studio that provides structured and professional dance instruction for a broad variety of 1930s to 1960's retro dance styles.

Start with the basics in Rock 'n' Roll, 4Beat Blues, Swing, or Rockabilly and move on to Advanced Styles, Triples, and Aerials!

Join the Cool Cats...
We want to help all dancers, whether new or experienced to Take the Next Step. That means we offer a range of different lessons. Check out this guide to help chose the right lesson(s) for you! For more detailed information, also consider the Classes and Lesson Formats pages. 

What's On

Check out the latest events and activity for Cool Cats on Facebook or Twitter:

The FREE Intro Session!!!
White Star Hotel (Albany) 

*Join us on Monday nights for an evening of introductory dance lessons and social fun! Try out Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, or Swing/Blues! Each session comprises of 30min. teaching and 30min. practice in a rotational class format. Now and then we may also mix it up with line dances, different styles, or just a bit of fun... 

For rockabilly lovers:

Free Lessons !?!

Monday nights from 7pm @
The White Star Hotel
(Stirling Tce, Albany)

+Check out our
Intro Lesson videos and course notes

More info???


Our 6wk courses (offered in 2x3wk sets) take you through the fundamental skills and figures of a dance style, with progression in each lesson to more advanced content. 

Helen: 0411 049 813

Como Hotel - Rockabilly!
Monday nights from 7pm
Call to discuss lesson and partner requirements.

Nathan: 0415 481 938

White Star Hotel  
Monday nights from 7pm
Intro to Rock 'n Roll, Rockabilly, & Blues/Swing

Lockyer Uniting Church  
Tuesday nights from 7pm
Rock 'n' Roll @ 7pm
General Class @ 8pm
Lifts & Advanced @ 9pm

Thursday nights from 7pm
Basic 4 @ 7pm
Rockabilly @ 8pm
Blues/Swing & General @ 9pm

Excepting 'Basic 4', entry to courses requires completion of relevant prior content, commencing with either general classes or the FREE introductory lessons. A partner is typically required.


Casual Lesson^*      $20
3wk Half Course   $45
6wk Course^ $75    
Private Lesson $75                Under 16 Free" 

^Member Discounts apply
* All lessons available on the same night, course/lesson requirements permitting.
"When attending with a participating adult.


For more detailed information, please review the Classes and Dance Styles sections.
For course dates and other events, please head to our Facebook page.

Special Offer!
Free Course to Start 2015!: Basic 4 
Thursday January 22nd, 7pm @ Lockyer Uniting Church. No Partner Required.
Yes, that's a full 6 weeks FREE! This course is intended for those looking to have social fun, may be new to dancing, or may struggle with timing. The class will be rotational and swap between lead and follow roles. This is the most basic form of blues/swing based dance (i.e. everything Cool Cats teaches!) and is a great starting point to learning any other dance style. It will also be lots of fun!

Venues & Styles
Albany > White Star Hotel - Monday nights from 7pm
Lockyer Uniting Church Hall - Tuesday/Thursday nights from 7pm
please contact Nathan Major (0415 481 938)

Perth > Como Hotel
 - Monday nights from 7pm
please contact Helen Mason (0411 049 813)

Check out the times and locations or please 
email us for more information.

Breaking News 

Welcome 2015!
Lessons at the Lockyer Uniting Church hall will re-commence from January 20th. As mentioned above, this includes a FREE course in "Basic 4" to get you moving and grooving into the new year! . We hope that this course will provide an avenue for new dancers to learn lead/follow skills and consolidate their timing. Take the Next Step :)

Video Content and On-line Lessons  
We are still looking for a practical and consistent delivery method for our Rockabilly courses; it has proven much harder to publish these lessons than anticipated :/ Cool Cats members who have completed the Rockabilly courses may request access to these lessons via YouTube. However, restrictions on private videos mean that numbers are limited.

Check out the Lesson Notes & Videos page, or head to our YouTube Channel, to take a look at the course routines and other video content!

Please email us for more information.

Membership offers casual lesson and workshop discounts, special offers/pricing on Cool Cats and partner products, and other benefits as a reward for regular attendance and participation with Cool Cats. Membership is automatic with completion (5/6 weeks) of the 3 basic courses (Mechanics, Timing & Harmony, Pressure) in any given style. If you believe you are eligible for membership, please contact us!

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